JULY 1 - JULY 8, 2017

Estill County Extension Office Phone:  (606) 723-4557     
Estill County Fairgrounds Office Phone:  (606) 723-5212

The fairgrounds are located at 38 South Irvine Road.   From the Richmond Road turn on Hwy 89S (across from the Shell Station/Apple Mart)   Take the next right after the hardware store

PDF iconag_hall_of_fame_web_page.pdf

Agriculture Open Classes

PDF icon16_agr_open_field_garden_crops.pdf
PDF icon16_agr_field_crops.pdf

Family & Consumer Sciences Adult Classes

PDF icon16_fcs_canning.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_baking.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_misc.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_herbs.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_sewing.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_household_articles.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_home_furn.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_baby_articles.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_dolls.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_toys.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_flowers.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_arts.pdf
PDF icon16_fcs_crafts.pdf

4-H Youth Development Classes (for members and cloverbuds)

PDF icon16_4-h_general_instructions.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_pet_show.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_articles.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_arts_crafts.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_cons_fin_ed.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_canning_food_pres.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_field_crops_tobacco.pdfPDF icon16_4-h_field_crops_tobacco.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_dog_posters.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_electric_sm_eng.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_ecology_nat_res.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_foods.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_forestry.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_geology_1200s.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_home_env.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_hort_plant_sci.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_lead_comm_1600s.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_needlework_1700s.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_photography_1800s.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_proj_records.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_sewing_2000s.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_kentucky_trends.pdf
PDF icon16_4-h_wood_science_2200s.pdf

Livestock Show Events
Meat Goat Show   PDF icon16_goat_show_flyer.pdf    PDF icon16_goat_show.pdf
Sheep Show     PDF icon16_sheep_show_flyer.pdf    PDF icon16_sheep_show.pdf
Poultry Show  PDF icon16_poultry_show_flyer.pdf   PDF icon16_poultry_show.pdf
       (Poultry testing will done before show.   For larger flocks, call 723-4557.)
Beef Cattle Show    PDF icon16_beef_show_flyer_cardstock_fits_postal_req.pdf     PDF icon16_beef_cattle_show.pdf
Swine Show    PDF icon16_swine_show.pdf
Mountain Horse Show     PDF icon16_horse_show_mountain_fri_jul_1.pdf
Pleasure Horse Show     PDF icon16_horse_show_pleasure_racking_sat_jul_2.pdf
Tractor Driving Contest     PDF icon16_tractor_driving_contest.pdf

For more information on the Estill County Fair Livestock Shows or other shows in our area, call the Extension Office (606) 723-4557 or visit www.kyagr.com

All 4-H exhibitors must have completed the 6 hours of livestock education and show proof.  

State Livestock Regulations can be found at http://www.kyagr.com/statevet/regulations/Sale.htm

For a complete fair catalog, stop by the Extension Office

Educational programs of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, disability or national origin.